St. Peter’s opening a new clinic in Townsend

HELENA – St. Peter’s has just announced plans to open a new medical clinic in Townsend. The clinic will include primary care, urgent care, visiting specialist's, laboratory and imagining services. The clinic is scheduled to open to patients by the end of this year.  

St. Peter’s says this new clinic will allow them to expand the health care services available locally to resident in Broadwater County. St. Peter’s says they feel a responsibility to ensure patients in Townsend have access to high quality sustainable health care.  


“A lot of them do come to St. Pete's and for years, so this is an opportunity for us. Rather than having them coming to Helena for that care, now that is something, we can provide for them locally,” said Wade Johnson, St. Peter's Health CEO.  


Johnson says they have several primary care and specialty providers in Helena, who are interested in expanding their practice to Townsend, so they will be increasing the access to health care services already available as well as bringing new services to the community. 


“It's about having access to great quality care and being able to do it in an economical way. I think both of those will be wins for the community,” said Johnson. 


The current timeline to open a clinic in Townsend is by the end of the year in an existing facility, but also to begin construction on a new facility. St. Peter’s plans to bring that online in the next year or two. 


St. Peter’s has identified a location for the new clinic and will release more information once details are finalized.  

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