Spring flowers to flood the Capitol lawn

Every year the front lawn of the Capitol is flooded with flowers. It takes about 3-5,000 of them to fill the giant Montana flower bed outside of the Capitol building. 


This year High Country Growers, which is home to the largest green house in the state, got the bid and will be providing general services with red and yellow color Zinnias and green Dusty Miller flowers. The nursery will order the seeds for the flowers but placing the order for the flowers is probably the easiest step of the entire process. 


“We have to get in the seed. We have to get the soils ready, get the containers ready of course. And we have about 50 employees that work on doing that kind of stuff. There’s a team of us that get together to try and either source the seeds or put the bid in. Once it starts growing, then it's just the matter of waiting for the beauty to come up,” said Sam Stigman the Sales Manager for High Country Growers. 


It will take eight to ten weeks to grow the beautiful flowers, which means the General Services Landscape Crew is expecting to plant them around late June this year. It usually takes them an entire day to just plant the flowers in the 400 square foot Montana flower bed. 


But the flower bed isn’t the only place you can see the flowers; they will be scattered throughout the campus of the capital complex. 

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