Shodair reopens their doors

HELENA - After briefly closing their doors over the weekend Shodair Children's Hospital is back in business. 

The hospital was not accepting patients after a 15 year old girl escaped from the hospital after tampering with the fire alarms early last week. She was then hit and killed on the highway.

"We just made a decision collectively on Friday that we would wait for the weekend to reevaluate Monday and we have done that and we are going to start admitting patients as of this morning," said Aasved.

The fire marshal was in the hospital Wednesday to come up with a plan to help ensure the safety of the patients.

That plan was to move the location of the of the fire alarms so they are not as accessible to patients. 

The CEO of Shodair expects that there will be a couple more external investigations in the upcoming weeks. However he is not sure on when or if they will happen. 


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