66 Session in 60 Seconds – Revising laws related to privacy in communication

House Bill 192 could protect people against those who intend to use technology to violate their privacy. This bill is proposing stiffer penalties and will clearly define the current law as to when someone is being harmed by someone else through pictures, video or threats.  

If you use any form of electronic communication to purposely terrify, intimidate, threaten, harass, or injure someone, you would be in violation of this law. This includes publishing or distributing photos or images of an individual's body parts sent through text messages or any other form of electronic communication. If you are found guilty of this crime you could pay a fine up to $10,000 or spend up to five years behind bars.  

Certain exemptions apply to this bill, for example if a person has given permission to publish the photos, or if they have received a warning that they are going to be recorded this would allow either party to record or publish.  

This bill will be heard at 9am in Senate Judiciary Committee.  

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