A Montana legislator is proposing to outlaw romantic relationships between high school teachers and students, even if the student is above the legal age of consent.

In Montana the age of consent is 16. House Bill 173 says high school and elementary students can never give consent in a relationship that happens in a school setting.

The bill is being proposed by Democrat Shane A. Morigeau of Missoula. 

The bill includes school employees, volunteers and independent contractors who work directly with students.  

If it passes, adults found guilty could face a $500 fine and up to six months in jail for having a relationship with a student.

HB 173's first hearing is Friday, Jan. 18 in the House Judiciary Committee.

At that the same time the committee will also consider removing the statute of limitations on sex crimes against kids.

This is part of our daily series exploring the 66th session of the Montana Legislature in 60 seconds.

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