66 Session in 60 Seconds – Allowing dice games to be played by patrons

If you are a fan of the dice games Shake-A-Day or Cee-Lo, you may be breaking the law. But House Bill 368 would make it legal to play them at Montana bars.

Some bars in Montana already informally offer Shake-A-Day dice games for cash prizes. Typically, a patron will bet $1-$2 to roll dice for a pot of cash. Shake-A-Day winnings can be in the hundreds of dollars.

But currently, bars can get in trouble with the state gambling control authorities for offering Shake-A-Day, reports the Great Falls Tribune.

Rep. Ryan Lynch (D-Butte) proposes to allow these games as long as the bar doesn't profit off them.

The bill says a bar could offer Shake-A-Day prizes including a free drink, merchandise, or money to play songs on the jukebox. If there is a running game with an established pot of cash, all money paid to play games must be paid out as winnings. An establishment may limit the amount won and use the remaining money on the next game pot.

State gaming authorities and gambling industry representatives spoke against the bill.

The bill was heard in the House Business, Labor and Economic Affairs committee on Friday.

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