Granite Butte Lookout

HELENA- Search and Rescue in Helena were called for a man stuck over a cliff Friday afternoon.

A press release from Sheriff Leo Dutton says Daniel Barrett Cogbill, a 34-year-old man from Great Falls called 911 Friday afternoon and was transferred to Search and Rescue who he told that was on the side of a cliff while bow hunting when he fell and heard his right leg snap.

When Search and Rescue went out to the Granite Butte Lookout area to search for Cogbill they found his truck and used the coordinates from the 911 call to locate him. 

When they found him he was over an embankment about 50 yards from his truck.

Rescuers were able to walk along the embankment to rescue Cogbill where they were stabilized his leg and carried him out to an emergency vehicle to transport him to St. Peter’s Hospital for treatment.

Sheriff Dutton told Cogbill that when he said he was on the side of s cliff, they had the high angle rescue unit on the way and a helicopter on standby and he told Dutton, “You gotta remember, I’m from Arkansas and that was a cliff to me.”

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