Recycling the Holiday Mess

If you have piles of cardboard boxes and gift wrap left over after the holidays, experts say throwing them into the trash isn’t always the best option. Recycling them can help by putting fewer things into the landfill. 

Recycling experts say shiny wrapping paper and tissue paper are items you do not want to put into your recycling bin, because they don't break down like other paper.

If your package is wrapped in brown packing paper, this can be put into the cardboard bin. There are also other things you can recycle after the holiday. 

“The other thing you can recycle is all of the beverage containers that people are definitely going through at Christmas. All the glass, any color, all the tin cans and any plastic containers people are drinking out of,” said Charlotte Lauerman Office Manager for Helena Recycling. 

If you are planning on recycling some of your boxes, Lauerman says to flatten the cardboard as much as possible. If you have curbside pick-up, recyclables need to be separated into different bin, such as one for plastic, tin and aluminum and glass. 

You can also take your recyclables to the transfer station if you are not signed up for curbside pick-up in Helena. You can find out more information about curbside recycling by clicking here. 

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