Petco Foundation honors volunteerism with grant
Chris Martin volunteers his time at the Lewis and Clark Humane Society taking pictures of the animals to go on the website to help find them a new home. On Tuesday, March 12, Chris walked into the LCHS thinking he was just going to be taking photos of the animals like he always does, but there was a big surprise waiting for him. 
The Petco Foundation along with Victoria Stilwell, world renowned dog trainer, were waiting to honor Chris as one of their unsung hero's. The campaign honors individuals for doing extraordinary work to help save animals in their community. The LCHS was awarded a $10,000 grant from the Petco Foundation in honor of Chris. 
“Extremely shocked. I had no idea; I had been getting this gear ready, I thought we were going to go shoot products for the spaghetti dinner. To walk in and see this sort of conglomeration of people was very shocking I had no idea what was going on whatsoever," said Martin.
Chris is one of five unsung hero's across the county and his story will be made into a video that will be on the Petco Foundation website, where the nation will vote on their favorite story. 
The unsung hero who receives the most votes will win a $25,000 grant for their animal shelter. The 2019 series will be published in May. 

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