Paw-Jama party

HELENA – The Lewis and Clark Humane Society has a new short-term fostering program allowing you to take a dog on a Paw-Jama Party Sleepover. 

This program is ideal for someone who doesn’t want the responsibility of having an animal of their own, or someone who can’t have animals at their home or apartment. 

You can check out a dog anywhere from two hours to two weeks. The humane society says research shows short term fostering can be incredibly invaluable to the health and well-being of shelter animals, especially dogs. They have partnered with Home-2-Suites, in Helena, and they will compensate hotel rooms for you to have a sleepover with a furry friend.  

"Taking them out of the shelter decreases their stress levels and that stress level when they come back stays down,” says Cassidy Cook, Director of Development and Communications. “Then the people who have taken them out to foster them also can come back and tell us a lot about their personality that might be totally different than the behavior we see in the shelter." 

The humane society says it has been incredibly eye opening for people to see what dogs are like outside of the shelter.  

"When you get them off the property, theyre just kind of a different dog,” says Cook. “It's been nice because we learn about these animals that we can then convey to their potential adoptive parents as well." 

The program is completely free, and the humane society provides a leash, collar, kennel, food, etc. so all you have to do is come down and pick your furry friend up and then fill out a report for them afterwards telling what you learned about the dog. But you don’t have to get a hotel room to have a sleepover, you can take them home if you have no other animals or have the ability to keep the dog by themselves. 

If you are interested in the Paw-Jama Party and would like to find out how to participate you click here for more information.  

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