The Post Office in the Capitol Building is where the Legislators will send or receive their mail. With 150 State Legislators in Montana the place can get busy.  

The Print and Mail Shop will receive 600,000 pounds of mail a year and make over 56,000 deliveries. Working hard all year round, the session is no time for relaxing because they can get a few more deliveries than normal. However, the Post Office inside the Capitol Building isn’t just for Legislators.      

“Legislators, anybody from the outside public, private sector can come in there and utilize that. Buy stamps, send packages whatever's the case. Then our mail carriers pick up there and then at the end of the day about 4:30 we funnel it out to the post office over here,” said Ryan Bahnmiller the State Print and Mail Bureau Chief.    

In an effort to save money the Print and Mail Shop is producing their own envelopes which has proven to be very cost effective. Although a lot of the Legislators receive their mail electronically now, traditional Montanan’s will still use the mailboxes provided.   

This isn’t their first session; the General Services Mail Crew is prepared to take on the influx of deliveries and will be in full work mode for the entire session.

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