Life scout volunteers at Lewis & Clark Humane Society for Eagle Scout Project

HELENA – When a local animal shelter needed a hand, young volunteers stepped up and built a cat tree and dog house.

Matthew Hartman is in the process of becoming an Eagle Scout and was looking for a project when he decided to reach out to the humane society and ask what they wanted or needed.  

They mentioned a weatherproof cat tree for their ‘catio’ outside, as well as a dog shed. After hearing that, Matthew decided to make both. Matthew says helping the community means a lot because it makes him, and his fellow scouts feel good as well.  

“Just my love for animals and wanting to help better my community just lead me to this path of building these two structures,” said Matthew, a Life Scout.  

The humane society says they are extremely thankful for volunteers like Matthew, because without them they wouldn’t be as successful as they are. 

“When we have volunteers like Matthew that want to come in and do a project for us, I don’t think any of us here could have done that. Even if we’d gone out and gotten the materials for it, we wouldn’t have been able to pull something like that off. We’re just not carpenters,” said DeAnna Harrison, the Volunteer Coordinator at the Lewis and Clark Humane Society. 

The new cat tree will be able to withstand the weather conditions and allow the humane society to clean it and the dog shed will let the animals get out of the wind and sun.  

Matthew says about 10 of his fellow scouts spent three days helping make the cat tree and dog shed.

Matthew says his favorite part of the process was designing the two structures, because he would like to design and build houses when he gets older. He would also like to thank The Home Depot for donating all the lumber for the dog shed.  

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