Being last to find out information is never good, especially in an emergency situation. Lewis and Clark County is urging more residents to sign up for an emergency alert system.  

Technology is now part of the plan to help keep you safe. SMART911 is a website and app where people can receive emergency alerts in their community. Signing up can help you get information before it’s too late.  

It is password protected by the user and only accessed during an emergency alert.

Currently, fewer than 4,000 people in Lewis and Clark County are signed up to receive alerts, but officials are wanting more residents to sign up to receive the information through the app or website to keep them safe. 

“We really want to get people involved and registered on the notification system that the county uses for this, so we can get more people the knowledge quicker, and the information as fast as possible and directions on what they need to do in case of an emergency,” said Reese Martin, Lewis and Clark County Disaster and Emergency Services Coordinator. 

You will also receive alerts for weather, missing children, flooding, wildfires, and other emergencies and disasters. You get notifications via Text Message or Voice Message. There is minimum information you need to enter to get signed up, but you can also add more in-depth information for other access.  

You can also download the SMART911 app on your phone, and it is available both on iPhone and Androids.

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