Legislative Committee Addresses Aerial Hunting

The first week of the 66th Legislative Session is nearing an end and things are really starting to get rolling at the Capitol.  

The Senate’s Agriculture Livestock and Irrigation Committee will debate a bill that could pave the way for out of state hunters to get aerial hunting permits. 

The way the law stands right now, only Montanan’s are allowed to hunt from the air and only to protect their livestock. State Senator Bruce Gillespie a Republican from Ethridge is sponsoring a bill that could change that. He says his bill would allow people from out of state to be able to hunt Montana coyotes and foxes from the air. Just like hunting on the ground, under the proposal, if you wish to hunt from the air, you’ll have to get permission from the land owner to do so. 

That committee meeting is scheduled for three o’clock on Thursday at the Capitol and they will be taking public comment.

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