How to Avoid Robo Calls

We all get those pesky calls from telemarketing companies and wonder how and when they got our phone number, and it seems they keep calling over and over. So how do we get rid of those calls? 

There are a few ways to try and get rid of them. Attorney General Tim Fox said you can start by adding your phone number to the do not call list through the Federal Trade Commission Website. This might not be 100 percent affective though, so you can download apps that can screen numbers who are not on your call list. Fox also said the number may look familiar but don’t let it fool you. 

“Although many of the RoboCalls that I get are spoofed. The number looks like it’s legitimate, it might look like it's from Montana with a 406-area code. They are actually coming from either out of state and many times even overseas,” said Fox. 

Fox went on to say, to not give out any personal information to anyone you might not know over the phone. Be careful with who you give your phone number to. And lastly if you are not required to put your phone number, do not put it. 

Fox also said over 5 billion RoboCalls were made in the month of November of 2018, and many of them are fraud and scam artists. The Attorney General even gets RoboCalls himself. They are pretty hard to avoid so be careful when you pick up the phone to a number you don’t know.

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