How the Legislative Session Affects You

With the Legislative Session underway you are probably wondering how it applies to you? 

Do you know how the speed limit is set or why you must have a hunting and fishing license? Well the answers come from the laws made by our Legislators, so the decisions made during the 90-day session are very important to every Montanan. 

Lawmakers are everyday citizens who are elected to serve the public part-time in addition to their regular jobs. Montana is like every state and models its State Government after the Federal Government. This includes three separate branches creating a system of checks and balances. There are 150 Legislators that make up Montana’s Legislature being, comprised of 100 Representatives and 50 Senators. The main job of a Legislator is to bring your voice to the state house and the enact new laws or amend or repeal existing laws. 

It’s going to be a busy 90 days in the Capital City with many bills already on the docket.

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