Big equipment, small equipment, whatever it is the General Services Capitol Custodial Crew needs it all to maintain the cleanliness and protect the finishes of the massive building. But how do they handle the upkeep when session comes to town? Well the answer is just like the Legislators do, one day at a time. 

On a daily basis, the Custodial Crew vacuums roughly 12,000 square feet of carpet, increasing by 150 percent during session. That is equivalent to vacuuming 20 houses. Jared Probert Custodial Crew Lead says it's not all about the cleaning. 

“Our biggest priority is making sure that the building is clean and safe for everyone that comes in, and maintaining the historic beauty of this building,” said Probert.  

The seven-member crew occupies the Capitol from seven in the morning until 11:30 at night. Heather Doyle, the General Services Custodial Manager says they clean 21 bathrooms and take out over 300 small trash cans every day, which is expected to increase by over a 100 percent when the Legislators move in. 

When it comes to cleaning over 200,000 square feet, it takes a lot of man power and of course some specialequipment.

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