Helena employee now has a car to get to work thanks to boss

HELENA – One Helena employee now has four wheels to get to and from work thanks to his boss.  

Tony Hernandez, also known as Taco, is the owner of the Motherlode Sports Bar Restaurant and Casino in Helena. He had been taking one of his employees to work when he noticed a couple of cars in his driveway and asked if he needed some help fixing them up.  

After realizing it would be more expensive to fix the cars than it would to buy one, Taco decided to buy him a reliable car to get him to and from work. Taco says people have helped him out in the past and that he is just returning the favor.  

“I can remember my dad when we were growing up, and he was in construction and he broke a leg and of course there was no money coming in. Never thought nothing of it because we were just little kids, and all of a sudden, we go outside and there is a big box of groceries out there, that people helped us out. I never thought nothing of it then, but now I started realizing that they were helping this gentleman out,” Hernandez said. 

Taco says his hero is his father and doesn’t want any credit for helping one of his employees out.  

“I just do what I can to help people and I don’t think nothing of it. I’m not doing it because like ‘oh look at him.’ I’m not doing it because I can afford it and trying to through my money away, because like I say I don’t have a lot, but what I do have if somebody does need help I will definitely help them all I can,” Hernandez said.

Taco said there are no strings attached, meaning the car is his, and he will not have to pay him back. Taco says without him at work he wouldn't have a cook to make the restaurant great, which helps support my family and his also. 

This isn’t the first time Taco has helped an employee out, but since buying him a car, he has yet to be late to work.  

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