Fort Harrison opens low-income housing for veterans

FORT HARRISON – Homeless and low-income veterans could soon have a place to call home as Fort Harrison is turning old office quarters into a Freedom’s Path community. But these family units are different than most in the state.  


The units will allow veteran families to stay together and to not be spilt up.  


This is an opportunity to help those homeless families get into a place of their own, according to Jeni Leary the Interim Homeless Program Director for VA Montana. The historical buildings previously housed soldiers, and at one time employees. They’ve all been renovated for homeless veterans to move into.  


“This project is going to give them a chance to establish a community where they can be supportive of each other and work off each other and live close together. I think that veterans supporting veterans is one of the most important things because they know, they’ve been there and experienced the same things,” said Melanie Carlin the Property Manager at Fort Harrison. 


23 family units will be available as well as 19 induvial units. The veterans rent is funded through a HUD-VASH voucher. As part of the program, the VA will provide a case manager, an RN on staff, as well as peer support and recreational therapist, allowing the veterans and families to have support in reintegrating back into the community and make sure they have all their needs met.  


“We have a lot of homeless veterans across the state and we have a lot of interest in these units.  Just very excited that we can offer such nice units close to the medical facility, where they can get all kinds of other resources as well and support. It’s so exciting to have these resources available for our veterans who served our country,” said Leary.  

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