Florence Crittenton Launches New Program

Substance abuse is a big problem in our society today. A local Helena Organization is stepping up to help families stay together during the treatment process. 

The Florence Crittenton Non-Profit Organization has been in the Helena community for over a 100 years. Their mission has always been to help young women and children. Recently the organization launched a new program providing opportunities for parents of all ages struggling with addiction to seek help. 

The program works to keep families together. They feel it is very important to keep young children together with their parent and more importantly with their mothers, because bonding is very critical during that time. Barbara Burton, Florence Crittenton’s Executive Director, says addiction has been treated as a shameful thing in the past but says it’s a disease no different than cancer.  

“We really want to help these young people overcome that. Find ways to deal with it, give them support so that they can go on a live very happy lives and that their children are well attached and supported by them,” said Burton. 

Treatment really focuses on equal attention for parents and children. The program puts an emphasis on early intervention services, providing high quality childcare and preschool for children up to the age of four. Parenting Education is high on the list, making sure parents leave the program feeling confident in their abilities to raise their children. 

Florence Crittenton also provides outpatient programs for parents of all ages. You can find more information about the program or how to get signed up by clicking here.

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