Fighting back against Parkinson's

HELENA - Rock Steady Boxing in Helena has been fighting back against Parkinson’s Disease for over three years.  


Boxing jabs enable people with Parkinson’s to help fight off their disease. These high intensity non-contact boxing work outs help delay the progression of symptoms, and within a few years of the program starting, the coaches have already seen tremendous improvements.  


“They came here feeling dejected and now you can see they’re just happy and moving. They have a social group that they can talk too about their disease, because they all feel that they were alone when they first started and now, they have this group,” said Sue Bristow, Rock Steady Boxing Helena Coach. 


Scott Frisch has been boxing since the beginning and has watched the program grow over the years along with the positive impact it has made.  


“We’ve created a huge network of people. I think for the older people, the people who are running this, Sue and Jennifer, have made a big difference in a lot of these people lives,” said Frisch, a Rock Steady Boxer for three years.  


“This is just a really fun group of people and it’s a great community experience to do. I enjoy coming every day, so I do it because I just enjoy being here and doing this with all these guys and knowing you’re making a difference,” said Jen Buszka, Rock Steady Boxing Helena Coach. 


According to Rock Steady Boxing, classes have proven that anyone at any level of Parkinson’s can actually lessen their symptoms and lead a happier/healthier life. Classes are held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Fredricks ATA Gym in Helena. If you or anyone you know is interested in coming out, you can click here to find more information or email

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