East Helena approved new high school mascot logo

EAST HELENA – The East Helena Public School Board has decided on the new Vigilante mascot logo. The design was helped picked by future Vigilantes themselves.  


Students K-8 grade got to weigh in as well as members from the community, but the East Helena School Board made the final decision. According to Scott Walter, the Board Chairmen for East Helena Public Schools, says over 340 responses were received from students and the community and 63% chose the new logo as one of their top picks.   


The new logo will be used on everything from the football field to uniforms. The new high school is scheduled to open in the fall of 2020, with freshman classes starting in the fall of this year in the newly built wing of East Valley Middle School. Very soon you will be able to purchase your own Vigilante gear and sport your home town team. 



“We would love to see everybody in the East Helena community wearing the East Helena Vigilante t-shirts and hats and everything else. That would be wonderful,” said Walter.  


As far as the other mascot logos go, Walter says the other four designs will continue to be used in some fashion, but the side view of a face covered with a bandanna and a cowboy hat will be the official logo for the high school.  

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