Do you know snow code?

HELENA – If you have an RV, camper, boat or trailer parked on the street it is time to move it. Removing your recreational vehicles from all city streets between November 1st and April 15th is just one of the three components to snow code the City of Helena will be enforcing this winter.  

David Knoepke, the Transportation Director for the City of Helena, says they have run into trouble with this the past few years. The plows try not to get to close, and it creates a brim, and narrows the roadways and limits access. Removing your recreational vehicles from the streets will help open up the snow-covered roadways and be more accessible for emergency vehicles.   

"Firetrucks as with our plow trucks are big vehicles that need a little bit more room than your average passenger car," says Knoepke.  

If RV’s, campers, trailers, utility trailers, boats, etc. are not moved off of city streets by November 1st they will be towed. The ordinance will be in effect from November 1st through April 15th. The city will be towing recreational vehicles in accordance with the new emergency snow routes ordinance.  

To locate information regarding vehicles that were towed or for a list of towed items along with where they are currently located you can click here.  

The two other snow code components consist of towing your car off of emergency snow routes and sidewalk snow removal.  

When two or more inches of snow is predicted for the Helena area, they will be towing cars parked on emergency snow routes to help open up the streets and to get them cleared. It is the property owners responsibly to keep their sidewalks clear. Starting 24 hours after the snow stops, snow is expected to be cleared off your sidewalks for residential areas.  

Knoepke also says anytime you can move your car off the street when we receive large amounts of snow, it makes plowing the roads much easier.  

Emergency snow routes can also be found by clicking here. 

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