30 deaths on Montana roadways makes June deadliest month in a decade

HELENA – According to the Montana Department of Transportation, this June has been the deadliest on Montana roadways in 10 years. Nearly 30 deaths have occurred on Montana roads since the beginning of June, that is almost one death a day for the entire month and there is not one leading cause for the increase.  


MDT is urging travelers to remember the serious nature of driving so here are a few things to keep in mind before heading out for the long holiday weekend.


Memorial Day to Labor Day is known as the 100 deadliest days of summer due to the increased traffic deaths nationwide. MDT and Montana Highway Patrol are working together on Vision Zero, which is a four-pronged approach on engineering, enforcement, education and emergency medical services. MDT has added rumble strips and are building round a bouts to improve intersection safety, and MHP is always watching out for impaired drivers.   


“Montana can do better. We have done better. We had 32 days where nobody was killed and that's what we should be doing all year round and working towards zero deaths and zero serious injuries,” said Mike Tooley the Director of the Montana Department of Transportation.   


Before hoping in your car for those long summer road trips, MDT says you should follow posted speed limits, be rested and give your full attention to driving, keep your vehicle in safe running condition, scan your travel area for safety hazards such as pedestrians and animals, expect the unexpected and buck up and drive sober.  


Tooley also says if you really want to be a safe driver to follow the example of an airline pilot. He says they don’t just hop in and take off; they take their time and make sure they are prepared as well as their aircraft. He went on to say they take it very seriously because if it fails it’s deadly, and people should take the same approach on how they drive and make sure they are the safest thing on the road. 


MDT also says, crashes don’t just happen on highways, and all drivers, riders and pedestrians must take care and be safe when they are traveling in town, on unpaved roads and of course the highway.  

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