HELENA - In just one week, the Reboot Combat Recovery program is set to kick off its annual 12-week course in Helena.

Reboot Montana ambassador, Buddy Hanrahan, says it's a vital program for soldiers returning from overseas.

For most combat veterans the fight does not end when they return home from deployment. Oftentimes the first to respond to the needs of others, are the last ones to seek help for themselves. Each week the course provides a new hurdle for the participants to jump over, some harder than others.

Hanrahan said, "Forgiveness or the cost of unforgiveness. There is a week on loving and losing and week on depression and suicide. And those are some hard weeks."

The most important week of them all is allowing veterans to share what they have been through. Something Hanrahan says is very key to the healing process.

There is no commitment needed for this program and if you would like to join you can click here, click on military or first responders and select the correct location. 

The Program starts on September 26. The course will run one night a week, for two hours over a 12-week span. A meal and childcare is provided for those who have kids that need to be watched while they attend. 


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