College students help raise money for friend needing brain surgery

About two weeks ago Senior Carroll College student Conor Coutts was rushed to the hospital after experiencing some aphasia during a debate tournament in Washington State. After a CT scan, doctors determined he had a large brain abscess. He was then airlifted to a hospital in Seattle where he underwent immediate brain surgery. 

After finding out, Conors friends Tori Bonar, Sammi Trudeau and Hannah Sylvester had an idea to start a GoFundMe Account to help with some of Conor’s medical expenses. It took some convincing and after begging him to let them do it, he finally agreed. Sammi and Hannah said Conor has a special message for everyone. 
“The donation stuff is great, and all of the outreach is great, but more than anything he wanted us to just say ‘to be really grateful for every moment of every day.’ Conor is really religious and has this great faith, and that if you honor every day and if you take so much happiness and pride in every day then life is better because of it,” said Hannah a senior at Carroll College but most importantly Conor’s friend. 
Conor underwent a second surgery but is expected to be okay. Doctors are monitoring his symptoms and he is expected to be released and back in class as soon as this week. Sammi and Hannah both said Conor has been in good spirits and is taking advantage of the time he is getting to spend with his family. 
If you would like to donate to Conor’s GoFundMe account, you can do so by clicking here.

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