City of Helena launches new website

HELENA – The City of Helena has launched a new redesigned website. According to the city, the new site is more efficient and effective when it comes to accessing information, which will help keep Helena citizens up to date on the latest information.  

The old website had 835 pages of information, and the new website has 277 pages. The city says this really helped them cut down the information they had on their site and made sure it was really what the user needed.  

“A lot of old pictures were taken down, a lot of projects that were no longer relevant those went away,” says Rebecca Connors, the Public Information Officer for the City of Helena. “It makes things easier to find. It helps with better results internally on the website and via Google.” 

Connors says the sites modern design improves the functionality of the website, which makes sure the department information is easily accessible and provides more of a news focused homepage, where residents can easily stay on top of city business.  

The city says being able to do this project internally with the resources they had really helped keep the cost down.  

“We were able to do it with the resources we had and what was budgeted for us so there wasn’t any kind of extra costs that were needed or any kind of budget amendments,” says Connors. “We just worked with the personnel that we had.” 

The city is accepting feedback to help improve the new site and will continue to make updates based on public comments. You can also access the city information and news as well as submit service requests through the MyHelena App.  

The city says their goal is to have the MyHelena App launched by this Friday, so everything can be accessibly in the palm of your hand.  

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