If you have ever been to the Capitol you know just how limited parking is, it’s about to get even harder to find a spot. But there is a way to avoid the crammed parking lots during the Legislative Session. 

For those of us who have a car, riding a bus isn’t the first choice of transportation. But what if I told you it could save you a lot of time and frustration. 

Parking can be scarce around the Capitol during session, but this five-minute bus ride will spare you from driving around searching for a dreaded parking spot. Each ride is completely free for anyone who is needing to get to the Capitol. This is the second regular session the shuttle has run, and in 2017 there were over 10,000 riders using the shuttle. 

“Oh, the feedback we got the last session was that they loved it. Not having to deal with driving around the blocks looking for parking spots,” said Jeff Laverdiere a Capital Transit Bus Driver.   

A shuttle will be waiting to pick you up on the west side of the Capitol Hill Town Center and drop you off on the South Entrance of the Capitol Building. If you miss the shuttle don’t worry, it will be circling back around every five to ten minutes. The busses run Monday through Friday form 6:30 am until 6:15 pm 

If you would like to find more information out about the free shuttle you can click here. 

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