A look inside the North Hills Fire Camp

HELENA – The North Idaho Zone Instant Management Team has been fighting the North Hills Fire for a little over four days. There is a lot of planning that goes into making sure the firefighters are taken of, tracking the fire and keeping ahead of it to keep the public safe.  


Most of the personal assigned to the fire are firefighters who are out working on the fire, digging line, mopping up and suppressing the fire. As the number of people working on the fire gets bigger so does the need to provide logistical and service support.  


“It’s like they use to say the army travels on its stomach, well so do firefighters. So, if they don’t have something to eat, a place to clean up, then they’re just not going to be very effective for very long. We need to provide them with all of the services and supplies and support that they need to go out and do their job,” said Mark Harvey, the Public Information Officer for North Idaho Zone Instant Management Team. 


This camp doesn’t just house firefighters but is essentially divided up into four different parts. Operations, which consists of the people taking care of the incident. Logistics, to provide logistical and service support. Planning, figuring out what the operations staff is going to do. Finance, tracking the time and cost. 


Additionally, they have other specialized functions like public information's and safety, who work to make sure everybody both on the fire and in the camp are working in a safe manner.  

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