Youth Dynamics asking for community resources to help educate children they mentor

GREAT FALLS- A local organization mentoring and helping children overcome barriers with their emotions is reaching out to different groups in our community all in an effort so kids don't fear authorities like law enforcement or firemen, and understand they're here to help.

There are about 220 kids in Youth Dynamics and today, the Black Eagle Fire Department stepped up to show the kids about fire safety. After seeing these kids tend to fear authority, Melissa Hernandez with youth dynamics wanted to make sure they felt more comfortable to approach people.

"These kids are having a ton of fun out there. I think it would be great if we could do this quarterly with as many different resources as we could so that way kids always know there's someone in their corner. They don't have to come to youth dynamics for help, they can come to anyone in Great Falls,” said Hernandez, the Youth Dynamics FSA Manager.

Many of the issues these children face are caused by the dynamics within the home or things that have happened to them throughout their lives. For more information to get involved, click here. You can also contact Melissa personally at (406) 453-5592.

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