You Asked: Why is the I-15 construction zone 6 miles long for 3 bridges?

If you drive between Great Falls and Helena anytime soon you’ll run into some construction with I-15 shut down to just one lane.

It turns out I-15 is shut down to just one lane for a variety of reasons like getting the work done in a timely manner, and traffic patterns. But the biggest reason is for safety. Not only of the construction workers, but you as well.

“Sometimes we are able to just shut down one lane and work on one lane at a time. But with this project it makes it a lot safer to close those lanes down and build a 2 lane two way,” said Jim Wingerter, Great Falls District Constructions Operations Engineer.

So as construction crews rebuild the bridge decks of the southbound lane now, you can expect the project to flip sides in the coming months.

“As we finish work completely with those bridge decks we will flip and do the other side and do those lanes accordingly,” said Wingerter. 

This project is expected to last into September depending on the weather. So with a long construction season ahead of us, crews are asking you to be on your toes, and mind your speed.

“Please slow down and watch for speed limit signs and watch what speed limits are and pay attention going through there. There are some narrow areas and just be aware of our work zone and activities taking place and traffic patterns.”


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