You Asked: Why are our pine trees so brown?

GREAT FALLS - It's no surprise the city of Great Falls has lots of pine trees but some of you might be asking why is there so much brown on them right now?

Turns out, it's due to our extreme winter we had. The mild January with relatively warm temperatures gave way to a frigid February. It not only was tough on us, but on our evergreen trees too. Although some trees may look completely dead, that isn’t the case.

“Majority of them are going to be fine. We had this happen a few times over the last 39 years that I have been here and it's not all that uncommon. Usually the plants will just come out of it,” said Bruce Forde, the owner of Forde Nursery. 

Forde says they have had a few people contact them about this problem. He says there is nothing we can do right now. But do know most trees will be just fine.

So we just have to wait and let mother nature do her business and grow the brown out of our evergreen trees.


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