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The visitor center in Great Falls is a welcoming station for those coming into town. The center provides many different resources on information regarding Great Falls, its history and even includes statues showing the history of Lewis and Clark and their travels on the Missouri river.

But now it is undergoing some changes.

“We are working on replacing the deck that was around the outside of the building," said Parks and Recreation Manager Lonnie Dalke. "Part of that was starting to fail and get old, so we’ve taken it off and we are going to replace it with a new one, which will include new steal posts and new decking and posts that will go around the deck. “

There is no completion date for this new deck, but when it is done - you'll have a brand new place to view the city.

Now construction season doesn’t end right here. As we head over to 9th Ave S., the Subaru complex is undergoing some improvements as well.

They’re set to become the largest Subaru dealer in the Treasure State. General Manager Mark McCarthy sat down with KFBB to share what prompted this project.

“We had the cold weather, the water main froze and broke. And on top of that, it of course flooded the building, and the electrical system was damaged. So with those two components damaged the building was just not worth salvaging,” said McCarthy.

If you are driving past the Subaru complex, expect to see large trucks bringing out old soil and bringing in new ones. They are doing this because the areas used to be gas stations before they were Subaru locations. The gas tanks from these old stations leaked into the soil, contaminating it. So the new soil being brought in will be a healthy replacement for the old.

This project should wrap up anywhere between the end of May to the beginning of June

In the meantime, it's business as usual in their main hub right next door.


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