Women increasing in Montana agriculture

GREAT FALLS - New studies show that more women are moving into the agriculture industry across the Treasure State. We're learning there are nearly 24% more female producers since 2012.

Tricia Juedeman lives in Geraldine, Mont., and says women are not only taking a lead with physical work on the farm, but also in the entrepreneurship portion.

Of course, farming and ranching is a family business for many Montanans, but Juedeman says the majority of those working in this field feel women and men are equally responsible for the product getting done. Meaning, they both do the nitty gritty jobs like driving tractors and milking the cows.

"My daughter is a teacher out of Belgrade, but in the summer she comes home and she drives grain cart for our harvest, and during the spring she scouts the crops, and makes notes, and has a computer file of what she sees," says Juedeman.

She says, either way, she doesn't feel pressure to be a woman farmer -  she feels pride, allowing her to share her lessons on the farm with her children. Whether its guys or girls working on the farm, Juedeman says, it's just nice to have people home helping out.


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