GREAT FALLS- A 36-year-old woman is charged with arson after allegedly trying to set the Great Falls Rescue Mission Women’s Shelter on fire.

According to court documents, Michelle Barnes was banging and screaming outside the door of the Great Falls Rescue Mission Women's Shelter around midnight.

After being asked to leave by the staff, Barnes allegedly set a book on fire and wedged it under the siding of the building.


She was quickly arrested by police and was allegedly heard yelling, "Nice night for a fire."

The Executive Director of the Great Falls Rescue Mission says he's still taken by surprise.

“It's very rare that something escalates to this and there wasn't anything that would even indicate that it was going to escalate to this,” explains Jim McCormick.

No one was injured and the fire didn't cause any major damage.

As for Barnes, her bond is set at $5,000.

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