Dava Marie Mitchell-Alexander

GREAT FALLS- A woman is being charged after she and her boyfriend forced a woman to sit in a chair for about an hour while being spat on and threatened.

An officer was dispatched to a house on 8th Avenue South for a report of an assault Friday, December 6.

According to court documents, the officer spoke to the victim who said when she got home from work that Wednesday to her house on the northeast side of town, she went inside and saw her husband, Kelly Ball and his girlfriend, Dava Alexander.

Court documents say the victim said she doesn’t like Alexander, and did not want her to come over to her house anymore, before going upstairs to her bedroom.

Alexander and Ball followed the victim upstairs to her bedroom, where court documents say Alexander threatened to harm her for saying she didn’t want her in the house anymore.

The victim pushed Alexander out of the room before closing the door, court documents say moments later, Alexander opened the door again with a roll of Gorilla Tape. Alexander saying that she was going to tape the victim to the bed and beat her to a bloody mess.

When the victim tried to leave the room, Alexander pushed her onto the bed, continuing to threaten her, spit on her face and pouring beer on her head according to court documents.

During the altercation, court documents say the victim took out her phone, Alexander telling the victim, “I can’t have you calling the cops on me,” and trying to take the phone.

The victim held her phone behind her back so Alexander couldn’t take it from her, court documents noting that the woman had multiple bruises on her forearm that looked like finger marks.

Court documents say Ball ended the struggle for the phone when pushed the two into the wall and took the phone from the victim.

The victim then left the bedroom and went to the garage, Alexander and Ball following her.

When the victim tried to go outside from the garage, Alexander blocked her way out and told her she could not go outside while still threatening to hurt her according to court documents.

The victim told Alexander she needed to smoke a cigarette, Alexander telling her she can smoke in the garage.

Alexander made the victim sit in a chair in the garage while she threatening and spitting her according to court documents. Every time the victim tried to stand up, Alexander pushed her back into the chair.

In court documents, the victim said that she feared for her life and thought Alexander was seriously going to injure, or possibly kill her.

According to court documents, the victim said while Alexander was assaulting her, Ball was walking around the room, encouraging Alexander’s behavior. At one point the victim asked Ball, “why are you letting this happen?”, Ball replying, “you deserve this.”

The victim also said that Ball would sometimes join in on making threats.

At one point, court documents say Alexander walked away from the victim, the victim then getting up and trying to make it to the door of the garage.

Before the victim could make it to the door, court documents say Ball pushed a stack of things off the seat of a nearby snowmobile, blocking the path to the door. While the victim tried to get past the things on the floor, Alexander came up behind her, grabbed her by the collar of her coat and pulled her to the ground before dragging her back to the chair.

Court documents say the incident went on for about one hour and the victim was not allowed to stand up or move during the time.

When the officer talked to Kelly Ball, court documents say Ball initially said there was not an assault that night and mentioned there was a video recording of the entire incident.

According to court documents, the officer watched the video and saw all the events the woman described, the officer recording the video on his camera.

Dava Marie Mitchell-Alexander has been charged with kidnapping and assault.

The court documents for Dava Marie Mitchell-Alexander did not mention if Kelly Ball was charged.

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