Rescue Mission

It's that time of year again, ice is starting to form on the Missouri River and temperatures are freezing. As a result, more people seek shelter at the Great Falls Rescue Mission.

"Throughout the winter we're busy," Executive Director Jim Kizer said. 

Due to the life or death situation with the cold, the Rescue Mission opens its doors in the winter for more people in need, including those under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

"What we do is we bring them in, in the evening and put mats down for them to sleep on," Kizer added. 

During the holidays it can also be tricky to find food. They are taking donations, including mashed potatoes, pie and ham.

Food isn't the only obstacle, however, it's the amount of space. Sometimes families end up being turned away. 

"That's the hardest thing we do," Kizer said. "That's never our desire we want to take care of everybody, but at the same time, especially for the families, we know that we have to provide a safe environment for them. So if we started mixing families together you lose the safety component."

Kizer said they ask people who need help to come back every day at 4:00 p.m. to see if they have a room available. 

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