Community Spotlight: BaseCamp 2019

Courtesy: BaseCamp 2019 Facebook 

(UPDATE 5/21/19): Right now, we're checking in with the organizers of Great Falls' "BaseCamp".

Great Falls is on the brink of something new. More than 300 people from age 18 to 85 gathered there this weekend for an event aimed at making the city more appealing to a younger audience.

The ideas came out of a weekend event called, “BaseCamp”.

Young professional leaders gathered in the Electric City to talk about what makes Great Falls even more fun for everyone in our town.

Topping the list:

-More kid-friendly activities

-Seeing more economic development

-Coming together more as a community

The event also helped people learn about fun things you can do in town like rent kayaks or visit an arcade.

"It doesn't matter what you are, or what your thinking or who you belong to in this town, we can wholeheartedly support what you want to do and guide in a direction," said Leah Beattie, a leader in "BaseCamp".

"BaseCamp," says, they're already starting to plan for next year. And say they're looking into potentially developing "BaseCamp" into a non-profit organization for Great Falls.

"BaseCamp," says, they'd love, to dive into working with our local college students. But of course, that won't pick up until students are back in session.

"BaseCamp's" mission is to also help others find volunteer opportunities in our community. For more info click here.

GREAT FALLS- Many people have gathered at the Mansfield Civic Center on Saturday for Great Falls Base Camp, which featured events from knights in shining armor to video games in virtual reality to even some good old fashion fly fishing.

May 18 marks the Electric City's first year holding the event, one that's focused on engaging the community by showing exactly what Great Falls has to offer.

This event is geared towards combating the stigma "there is nothing to do in Great Falls." 

After talking with Leah Beattie, a team member on the marketing committee, it became clear how much the city had to offer. 

“We’ve got so much stuff going on you can’t not, not be happy coming to this event," said Beattie. "I mean there as plugged in with everything that you can possibly think of come and paint and design a luminary bag so you can participate in the luminary walk in the Fall. Like seriously, the time to be involved is now."

Right when you walk in to when you leave there appeared to always be more to see.

From the giant stage where local speakers did Q and A's and the Base Camp Rangers did giveaways, to taking the time to speak with each individual booth, the event showed off what puts the “Great” in the Great Falls.

 “You’re going to see everything. You’re going to get to see Ming’s Café, here we’ve got Williams and Roberts Barbecue, we’ve got End Bar for some beverages,” said Beattie. “We just had the Native American dancers perform. You’re going to come and you’re going to get plugged in and here from our community members on what is phenomenal about Great Falls.”


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