Ohio police: Don't eat traffic cones

GREAT FALLS- If you’re trying to make it down 4th Ave. S., you may have a harder time than expected.

That's because the intersections from 5th to 7th St. have been closed off as heavy machinery and debris are taking up space on the roads.

People trying to cross say it's a mess.

“I have to walk over here because if I feel like hanging out with my friend, I can’t park over here because the entire like three sections of road have been cordoned off cant event use sixth over there because it’s been cut off too from everything, cutting off a bunch of major roads that people use.,” said Elliott Nadeu a local resident in the area.

The sidewalks have also been affected as long pipes filled with water stretch from one end of the construction site to the other.

If you have to commute to and from this area there are detour signs posted to help navigate traffic during the on-going construction.


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