Western Montana cities surpass month averages of rainfall impacting local farmer

The National Weather Service in Missoula reports several cities surpassed their month averages of rain fall, only a third of the way through the month of September. 

It's another day on the farm for Greg Price who works as the Farm Director at the River Road Neighborhood farm. But the difficult weather over the last several months has made things difficult. 

"It's been a challenging summer as far as rain goes in general, it has impacted a lot of our crops," Price said. 

For many Montanans, it seems like more thunderstorms came to the Treasure state, and with them more rain this summer. But the National Weather Service reports rain totals were around average. 

"[Summer rain totals] wasn't out of the ordinary, it's just that we haven't seen something like this in a while. I've been here 11 years forecasting in Missoula and I haven't seen it quite like this in those 11 years," National Weather Service meteorologist LeeAnn Allegretto said. 

But then came a low pressure system this weekend which broke records in Butte, Missoula and Kalispell. 


"After [Monday's] rain fall, all surpassed their average September rainfall amount in just nine days," Allegretto said. 

The rain over the last few months is making weeds on Price's farm grow like crazy. 


"That challenges us to have to continue to weed in September, which is not a typical thing we would be doing this time of year," Price said. 

Price donates a portion of his crops to the Missoula food bank and the Poverello Center, the local homeless shelter. ABC FOX asked if the heavy rain will impact donations. 

"Digging a lot of potatoes and onions for them, we bring it to them weekly so it's shouldn't change anything it that regard," Price said. 

Regardless of what mother nature throws at Price, he plans to continue his farming duties. 


"This is their neighborhood farm, and I'm glad to be able to perform that duty for them," Price said. 

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