Al Shryer & Sen. Steve Daines

Vietnam Vet. Al Shryer (left) standing beside Sen. Steve Daines, who presented him the Bronze Star award. Photo by Nicholas Berger. 

GREAT FALLS - As the saying goes, “Patience is a Virtue.” This was proved Wednesday after an army veteran in the Electric City finally received his Bronze Star; a recognition that was in the works for nearly 50 years.

Al Shryer completed two tours in the Vietnam War. On his second tour, his commanding officers wrote a letter commending Shryer and recommending him to receive the prestigious award. But, somewhere along the way, the paperwork got lost.

“I actually didn't find out until about a year ago, probably because I had to get my 2-14 [military form] out for something,” said Shryer. “I don't remember what it was, and I was just reading through it and I went whoa, a Bronze Star, didn’t know I had it."

Senator Steve Daines, who presented the Bronze Star, played an important role in making sure Shryer received the award that was so long overdue.

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