Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral - MGN

Image courtesy of the French Ministry of the interior/Twitter, MGN.

With over $700 million already raised for the rebuilding of Notre Dame, the next step is going to be gathering 3D models to recreate this historical landmark. One of these 3D maps actually comes from a video game released in 2014.

The game Assassins creed Unity is based in France during the French revolution and includes a fully explorable Notre Dame.

Josh Hughes, president of the Add-A-Tudez Entertainment Company based here in Great Falls, told us how video games are changing the way we look at culture.

“I really love how video games and virtual reality can work together to be empathy tools and preservation tools. I'm so excited! You know, its terrible and heart breaking that Notre Dame burned, but I am excited to see that people through this can see the lenses of art can save the world.”

Assassin’s Creed has been evolving over the years with many different variations spanning all over time and history.

Hughes went on to tell KFBB, “That’s when they did a game set in France with Assassins Creed Unity and it was highly detailed to the point where they actually completely recreated Notre Dame, which means now in this rebuilding process for Notre Dame they have a full 3D recreation that was as true to life as possible for that game.”

With games over the last several years pulling from historical moments and locations, only time will tell if another game can be used to save history.


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