Nicholas Rylan Pearson

GREAT FALLS- One man says another man threatened to kill him while he was helping his daughter pick up his granddaughter.

Court documents say the victim was at Nicholas Rylan Pearson’s house on 4th Avenue Northwest helping his daughter pick up his granddaughter.

Pearson told the victim he did not want him on his property, and when the victim stated he was not comfortable leaving because of the safety of his daughter, the officer affidavit says Pearson began yelling.

The victim said he was parked in his car in the driveway.

Pearson then threatened to kill the victim and brandished a knife before telling the victim, “Wait here and I’ll go get my gun.”

The victim then moved his car to the edge of the road, the officer affidavit says he stated he was in fear that Pearson was going to get a firearm and shoot him.

When the child was handed over to the mother, Pearson continued to yell and make threats towards the victim.

The officer affidavit says the child was put into the car and the victim left with his daughter and granddaughter.

Pearson is a level one on the Pre-trial Safety Assessment.

Nicholas Rylan Pearson has been charged with assault with a weapon. 

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