The Great Falls International Airport may be getting some new amenities including a gas station, truck stop, restaurant, or hotel. 

"A couple years ago we leased some of our land to Love's Truck Stop, a gas station developer, and they plan to build a pretty large gas station and restaurant right as you come in to the airport," said airport Director John Faulkner.

The Great Falls City Commission recently annexed 2.77 acres of land near the airport's entrance. City leaders predict Love's Truck Stop will purchase the land.

Faulkner says "for us it's about a $50,000 - $60,000 a year minimum that that development will bring in to us for the airport to use and help keep the rates low for the airlines."

Bill Bronson with the Great Falls City Commission says people in the area will benefit from the project. 

"Anytime you develop all of these little nodes for commercial activity, they all feed off of each other in a positive way, they spin off other benefits. While in the end we welcome all of these businesses to the community, this one is obviously filling a great need."

He adds the plan is all about convenience.

"The beauty of it is, now if you're coming from the north or you're coming from the city and joining I-15, you'll be able to swing right off and have access to a station there as opposed to cutting across and going to the south side of the highways there."

So far there's no timeline for the project, but Faulkner hopes to get the project moving by the spring.

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