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UPDATE (4/13/19 - 2:25 PM) - The firefighter presumptive care bill made further strides Saturday as it passed the Montana Legislature.

The Senate voted 40-to-10 to pass SB 160's third reading with the amendments made by the House. 

It now heads over to Governor Steve Bullock's desk to be signed into law. The signing is expected to take place Thursday. 

HELENA - The Fire Fighter Presumptive Care Bill has passed its third reading in the legislature.

Firefighters around Montana have been backing this bill in an effort to get the healthcare they say they need.

There have been some changes to this bill from its original draft. 

Those changes include removing PTSD from the list of things firefighters could claim. 

The bill now heads back to the senate, where they must approve the amendments to the bill.

We've haven't been told when that vote will take place, but we'll be sure to keep you updated as we learn more.

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