Brandon Craft denied bail reduction

UPDATE (Thursday 11/14) - After being re-scheduled multiple times over the past 3 years, the case against Brandon Craft is finally being heard in the courtroom for the murder of veteran Adam Petzack.

Today started off pretty slow as medical examiners and officers from the Great Falls Police Department (GFPD) walked the jury step-by-step through the murder of Adam Petzack nearly four years ago.

Everything from recovering the body, bullet trajectory and bank records were discussed inside the courtroom. But the jury also got to learn what Adam was like when he was alive...

“Worked on a lot of stuff together and constantly looking for parts and deals and even went as far as poking through Idaho. When he found my boat, we drove all the way to Idaho to pick it up,” described Brady Kingston, a friend of Adam Petzack.

The trial of Craft vs The State of Montana is expected to last until Monday with the court adjourning Friday evening.

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UPDATE (Wed 11/13) - Wednesday marked the second day of the homicide trial against Brandon Craft, the man accused of killing Adam Petzak nearly four years ago.

The jury selection continued as the final few are narrowed down. Jurors will comb through mounds of evidence prosecutors say link Craft to killing Petzak, who was found  buried on the same property where the Craft family was living.

Shortly after it happened, Craft told police he did it because Petzack was in his daughter’s bedroom masturbating. 

In the time that Petzack was killed and found, the Crafts were also accused of stealing his military benefits.

Additionally, Brandon’s now ex-wife Katelyn Kelly, also played a role in this case. Several people commented on our web story on KFBB’s Facebook page, with comments such as, “she doesn’t deserve to get off that easy,”; “both should be charged equally,” and, ”the wife had more to do with it than he did.”

Back in 2016, Katelyn was charged and  pleaded not guilty to exploitation of an older, incapacitated or developmentally delayed person. With her new plea deal Wednesday, she admits to felony deceptive practices and agrees to give information about Petzack's killing.

In accepting this deal, Katelyn faces a fine up to $1500 and up to six months in jail.

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GREAT FALLS – Nearly 100 people came to the expo park for jury selection.

“Have you heard anything in the news media, newspaper, internet, tv, radio anything like that about this case what so ever?,” said Cascade County Judge Elizabeth Best.

This was just one of many questions posed to potential jurors at the fairgrounds this morning. About 80 percent of them said they had heard of the case but that doesn't necessarily rule someone out to be a juror.

"What we are going to do is call the individual jurors who have identified themselves to me which is not a punishment, to a room that is right to the back here one at a time to ask some questions,” said Cascade County Judge Elizabeth Best.

One by one judge best worked through the room to gauge people's knowledge of the case.

Several questions were asked including how much did they know about Brandon Craft and Adam Petzak?

Had they followed the story through the media or even online, because of how big this case actually is judge best did not want to take any chances and after asking several more questions, some potential jurors were dismissed.

This jury selection process will continue tomorrow.

The hope is the jury will be set and they'll start to hear evidence on Thursday.


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