University of Providence

GREAT FALLS- The University of Providence says they are reinstating several academic programs that they stopped offering last February.

A release from the University of Providence says they eliminated the programs last February due to program prioritization and reallocation of resources.

The University of Providence’s Board of Trustees voted to reinstate the programs after they received feedback from the community and alumni.

Reinstated programs include Accounting, Elementary Education, and Health and Physical Education.

The university says they and their Board of Trustees are committed to continually evaluating and re-evaluating the needs of the community and students for academic program offerings while remaining true to their mission of heritage and liberal arts.

“The revitalization of these programs is just another expression of UP’s commitment to respond to the needs of the local community and students, following in the tradition of the Sisters of Providence”, says Father Oliver Doyle, Interim President.

According to the University of Providence, the university faculty and administration will use the decision to reinstate the programs to enhancing existing curriculum, evaluate staffing needs, enrich student support and revisit standards to meet current best practices within each program.

“These programs represent targeted responses to growing needs in the community and the opportunity to partner more closely with area businesses, which is tremendously exciting”, says the University of Providence’s Provost, Matt Redinger.

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