Rion Edward Marricle

GREAT FALLS- A man is charged after firing a handgun at two people who were trying to keep him from driving while intoxicated.

A deputy was dispatched concerning an altercation early Thursday morning, court documents saying dispatch advised a man, Rion Edward Marricle, had left a bar and attempted to drive while intoxicated.

According to court documents, two victims followed Marricle from a bar early Thursday morning to stop him from driving because he was intoxicated.

Marricle and the victims got into an argument before Marricle allegedly brandished a handgun at the victims and pointed it towards them.

Marricle then tried to fire the weapon at one of the victim’s heads when the gun misfired according to court documents.

After racking the gun, Marricle allegedly tried shooting it again only for it to misfire a second time.

When Marricle racked the gun a third time, court documents say a round exited the chamber, which was caught by Marricle and thrown to the other victim.

According to court documents, Marricle then pointed the gun at the victim’s head and said “the next one is in your head.”

Court documents say the second victim pulled the man away from the gun before Marricle fired three rounds, none of the bullets hitting the victims.

The two victims fled back to the bar and Marricle left the scene, driving to Sheep Creek Road where he was later arrested.

In a field interview, Marricle admitted to firing the handgun.

Rion Edward Marricle is charged with attempt at deliberate homicide and assault with a weapon.

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