Credit: TriWest Healthcare Alliance

GREAT FALLS- TriWest Healthcare Alliance is now administering the VA's community care program, and Montana happens to be one of thirty states where the program has already started to take off.

TriWest is now responsible for building a network of doctors and hospitals that the v-a can select from when a veteran needs care or is too far away from the VA's direct care.

Then, TriWest's job is to make sure those providers bills are paid and processed on time. They want to make sure every bill is taken care of in a 10-day span.

"We're not there to replace the VA. If you're a male veteran, and you've got prostate issues, prostate cancer, and there's not a urologist where you are, you go into the community and see a urologist in the network that we'd set up,” said David McIntyre, the President, and CEO of Triwest Healthcare Alliance.

So far in Montana, there are about 3,000 providers who've been approved for care. By the end of January TriWest says they'll be providing coverage to all 50 states.

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