UPDATE (Thursday 3:27 PM) - A new press release from the Great Falls Police Department reveals that one GFPD officers was shot and another was injured during the Shelby hostage situation on Monday.

Both are part of the department's High Risk Unit, which responded to the incident after receiving a mutual aid request from the Toole County Sheriff's Office in handling the situation. 

During the exchange of gunfire between Moench and officers, a different GFPD HRU member shot the suspect, who was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Both officers were treated for their injuries and released, and are back to their regular duties. 

GFPD has reportedly placed the third HRU member involved in the shooting on Administrative Leave, following department protocol as a way to "[progress] forward to reengagement into their primary functions," according to the release. 

In a statement, GFPD wrote the following: 

"The GFPD strives to ensure that officers involved in traumatic events such as an Officer Involved Shooting are properly cared for. The Administrative Leave status is not a disciplinary function in this matter." 

UDPATE (Wednesday 12:12 PM) - The Toole County Sheriff's Office released the names of a victim and the suspect involved in a hostage situation that took place Monday at a home in Shelby, Mont. 

Authorities identified the victim as 43-year-old Jeromy Wade Bryant, a local who was found dead at a home in Kevin during the incident. 

The suspect was identified as 50-year-old Richard Allen Moench, of Shelby. Moench died Monday after an exchange of gunfire between him and police officers.

Moench reportedly opened fire on officers from inside the residence following negotiations for surrender. Before that, the suspect and police had negotiated for the release of a woman that he held hostage at his home, which was successful.

The Montana Department of Justice's Division of Criminal Investigation is conducting the investigation into this case, which is still ongoing. 

We will update this story with new information as soon as it's released. 

Authorities are investigating a murder in Kevin, Montana that led to a hostage situation.

It began when authorities responded to a possible shooting, and found the body of a man inside a Kevin home. While inside the home, officers learned the suspect had taken a woman to his residence in Shelby, holding her hostage. Deputies blocked off the area, and negotiated with the suspect.

"On the loud speaker you could here them saying, 'Richard come out with your hands up, out of the front door. we have a warrant for your arrest. We cannot guarantee your safety'," one neighbor said.

The woman was eventually released, followed by shots fired. There was an exchange of gunfire between the suspect and authorities, and the suspect was killed.

Authorities do not believe the public is in danger. The Montana Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation will be conducting a further investigation. 

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